Which Program is best for you?

Proper nutrition is the foundation of ANY healthy lifestyle including fitness and wellness. When you navigate EatMoreBeFit you’ll come across the programs that we offer and may have questions about which program is best for you.  We have plenty of options and know you will find one that suits your lifestyle. Here is an […]


Testimonial – Coach Virginia

            I’ve tried a lot of different nutrition plans over the years including a lot of different “popular” diets. Over the years it seems I became more and more anti-carb and stopped eating some of my favorite foods as a result. After discussing nutrition and […]

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to EatMoreBeFit! I have been into fitness for some time now.  We all have a workout partner that we go and “crush” stuff with and mine is Coach Virginia.  We have been working out together as long as I could remember and we have become quite close in the […]