EatMoreBeFit Gym Nutrition Challenges

EatMoreBeFit Gym Nutrition Challenges


Thank you for your interest in EatMoreBeFit Gym Nutrition Challenges. We have worked with gym owners/managers to help members navigate Flexible Dieting under the watchful eye of our coaching staff. Below is information for pricing, what is offered, and an overview of the process.

The gym challenge is based on our Flexible Dieting Complete $125 option but at a fraction of the price. This option is one-on-one and works closely with helping people navigate the apps (MyFitnessPal, MyMacros+ or SparkPeople) help with reviewing members journals, help with picking the best food choices when people are stuck. Since this is a group challenge and offered at a discount we do all of this through a FaceBook group that you or we create specifically for your challenge and exclusively for your members.

Pricing for the gym challenge:

  • $80* per person for up to 10 people
  • $70* per person from 11-20 people
  • $60* per person from 21-30+ people

What is included:

  • Duration – 6 weeks of coaching/monitoring
  • Macro profile for every member individualized for their specific body type and activity
  • Access to Facebook support group
  • Monitoring of Facebook group by EatMoreBeFit staff
    • To answer questions
    • To post pertinent information
    • To suggest options for members to be successful
  • Recalculation of macro profile if needed throughout the challenge

What is expected to launch:

  • An agreed upon start date (Sunday) to begin the challenge
    • The challenge ends that Sunday following the completion of the 6th week
  • A list of the members in challenge 1 week before the start date. (with emails)
  • Payment for the challenge due at the same time as the list of the members
    • Payment is one lump sum invoiced to the gym
    • If additional members want to join after the list has been presented to EatMoreBeFit then the charge of the current tier will be applied. Ex (19 members on the list at the time of payment, additional members will be charged the $70 price even if over the next Tier option) They will loose too much information and be too far behind the group to start any later than Thursday of launch week.
  • A Facebook group started by you or us prior to the beginning of the challenge
    • Couple days of just EatMoreBeFit staff and you to help prep the group page for challenge

Travel for EatMoreBeFit (Optional):

We have had very successful challenges remotely but if you decide you would want us onsite for a “kick-off” or a conclusion please see below.

Prices are based on current federal mileage found at

  • You are within 4 hours driving distance from New Haven, CT.
  • $.535 per mile to and from (2017)
  • Tolls and incidentals
  • $35 per coach per hour talking answering questions (1-hour minimum)

*Prices do not include tax

If you are interested in starting or have questions please email us at

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